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MiniSoufleé Recipes

Broccoli Snacks

Cold Chicken and
Yougurt Pie

Marble puddings
free from gluten

Pineapple Iced

Egg a la MiniSoufleé

Basic free-from-gluten
bread dough. By
Chef Andrea Pini

Blueberries Mascarpone

Potato Napoleon

Sweet bread free
from gluten By Chef
Andrea Pini

Flavored loaves
free from gluten.
By Chef Andrea Pini

Stuffed mini scons

Banana Scones

Apple Scones

Celery, blue cheese
and walnut soufflé

Broccoli Soufflé

Spinach soufflé

Cream cheese and
basil Soufflé

Beet soufflé

Carrot soufflé


Chocolate Mini



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